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Conservatory House

Looking to expand your home? Look no further! Come visit us at Trade Price and make your house into a home you’ve always wanted. Purchasing a conservatory with us can save you a huge amount of time and money, it can provide you with the extra space meaning it’s an alternative to moving house, saving you all hassle and added stress. We offer a 10-year guarantee with each conservatory house. If you need any further information please do give us a call. You can also see some of our recent work below.



Conservatory House – Getting Rid Of Your Qualms

There are two main concerns when it comes to fitting a new conservatory house into your home. The first concern is the roof, 1 in 3 conservatory owners worry that in bad weather their conservatory may produce too much noise. The second concern is that the conservatory its self is losing too much heat, resulting in your heating bills rising rapidly. How do we prevent these problems? To tackle these two problems we provide Pilkington, who are the international leader in glass production. The glass they provide uses polyvinyl butyral which gives the glass the ability to cancel out most of the unwanted noise on those cold winter days. We tackle the second heat problem we offer thermally insulated windows which reduce the amount of energy & heat loss you have each year by up to 20%. At Trade Price conservatories we offer a 100% guarantee that you will have none of these problems as our trained professional will help you through every step of the build to ensure that there are no problems.


Uses of a conservatory – Conservatory House

There are a large variety of uses for a conservatory house. Some of these uses include;
A Hot Tub Room - This is always at the back of peoples mind. The dream. A hot tub to enjoy the height of summer. You just can’t beat looking over your garden after a hard day at work sat in a hot tub. Why not get your own conservatory house today at Trade Price conservatories.
Running a business – If you are running or own a business then a conservatory house could be your solution to your office needs. This can fit a large range of different businesses, for example, beauty therapists, hairdressers or even accountants. Get the most out of your conservatory. Get your very own conservatory house today! Give us a call.
Entertaining Room – conservatories can be a great area to entertain family & friends, whistle keeping all the mess in one area. You can install a TV and enjoy films while being surrounded by your garden. Conservatory house, buy your own now.
Games room- Many households have a growing battle with space inside their house. A conservatory house is the way to fight back. It gives you a room where you can confine all the mess. Why not enjoy the garden from your conservatory house?
If you have any more questions then give one of our team a call at Trade Price Conservatories.


Re-designing your Conservatory – Conservatory house

There are many different ways to redesign your conservatory house. Here are just some of the ideas are great team have come up with;
Flooring – There are two main factors for making your conservatory floor looking the best it can be. One, how much you intend to spend and two, the type of flooring you need to match the use of the conservatory house. If you install a new kitchen in the conservatory it is vital that you have the right flooring, for example, easy wipe tiles, so the mess is easily cleaned.
Furniture – This is by far the easier thing to replace in your conservatory house. The trick to replacing the furniture is to keep everything tied in with each other, ensuring that there is a running theme. In addition to this, it is also key to keep the shape and size of the conservatory into consideration as you don’t want to fill the whole space with just a table and not be able to move around in the new lovely conservatory house that you have just installed.
Windows, doors and all things glass – Upgrading the glass and doors in you conservatory house can be key to both style and keeping your conservatory warm on those harsh winter days. At Trade Price we offer Pilkington glass which can solve both of these problems at once. Giving you the style you want and keeping those heating bills each month down. Get your conservatory house at trade price today.


Conservatory House – Contact Us

If you have any questions about your conservatory or want to buy your very own today, then give one of our team a call on 01202 39 99 99. Want to message us directly? Email us at Info@tradeoprice.com and get your quote now. Get your bespoke conservatory while the good weather lasts!


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