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Lean To Conservatories

Self-build conservatories, DIY Conservatories, Lean to conservatories, big and small conservatories are all available from Trade Price Conservatories. Orders from us can begin from just a £50 deposit and by getting your products from us you can cut out the middle man. All our conservatories come in a large range of finishes and styles and are well created for every customer’s needs. The conservatories only take a couple of days to install and could not be easier with our construction guides. So when you need the best quality and value big lean to conservatories, look no further than Trade Price Conservatories.



About us – Lean To Conservatories

Trade prices conservatories have had 18 years of experience in the designing and creation of self-build conservatories. Our friendly and professional staff are always here to assist customers find their ideal conservatory, whether it be lean to or any others from our huge range.  

We offer a big variety of different conservatories, everything from Edwardian style to lean to conservatories. By purchasing through us you can lower the conservatory cost by a huge amount, this is due to the fact that our conservatories are simple and quick to make and if you do get any errors with the process you can have one of our friendly team members come aid you with the assembly. To start the steps of getting a conservatory from us, you can put down a deposit of as little as £50.


What Are conservatories good for? – Lean to conservatories

At Trade price conservatories we believe that conservatories are a must have in every house in order to make it a home. There are a number of different things that lean to conservatories can be good for, including adding value to your home. The average conservatory adds 50% more than the cost of the conservatory as value to your home. Another bonus of installing lean to conservatories into your home is that it adds the much-needed space that every home owner desires. This space can save people a huge amount of money, by stopping them from moving house and enabling them to stay in the home they love. The last positive of having lean to conservatories in your home is that it brings warmth and light in the summer making sure everyone enjoys their summer to the fullest.

Keeping your conservatory cool in the summer & Warm in the winter – Lean to conservatories

Many people come to us with the problem that they are unable to control the temperature their lean to conservatories. We are here to give you some solutions to these problems. To battle with the heat in your lean to conservatories in the summer you can clean and paint either the glass or polycarbonate roof inside with a water based paint to ensure that it stays cool, or paint the outside with a weather resistant gloss paint that will reflect some of the light and heat. This paint can sometimes be temporary, so keeping your lean to conservatory up to scratch is important. Another solution to keep your conservatory cool is to add a solar reflective film to the windows or the roof panels and this will reduce some of the heat that is getting into you extension during the summer. To battle the cold harsh winters in your lean to conservatories, you can install a layer of insulation to the roofing panels or re-apply sealant to ensure that you are not losing heat on a day to day basis. Another fix to this winter problem would be adding a radiator to your lean to conservatories. If you need any more help or have any other questions then do give one of our helpful staff members a call .


Ways you can use the extra space – Lean to conservatories

Lean to conservatories have an unlimited amount of different uses. Some of the main ones include;
Extra sitting room/ dining room – This extra dining room is what some people dream of, it enables you to cater for large amounts of people whistle enjoy the summer from inside your home and giving everyone a view of your garden. In addition to this it also allows us to escape from the home and enjoy some time out of the way of everything, why not enjoy a book under the sun? Get your lean to conservatories now!

Office and study room – Lean to conservatories are a perfect space for working. They are both light, airy and away from all the distractions that are inside the house. They give the owner the sanctuary that is easy to read, put pen to paper and even catch up on some sleep under the summer sun. So if you are in need of a place to work from home and don’t have extra space, then lean to conservatories are the way forward.

Growing plants – Over 70% of every household in the United Kingdom incorporate some sort of greenery or plants into their homes. It has become a growing trend to grow your own fruit & veg, so having your own lean to conservatory will enable you to add this feature to your life. Some home owners also want to improve the air quality in their home and by adding plants into your home you can achieve this. Get your lean to conservatories now!

Sun Room – Everyone loves to lounge & relax in the sunshine reading a book in some peace and quiet. However as every British home owner knows, summer is always short lived. So installing your own lean to conservatories will allow you to get the most out of every summer or sunny day that comes.
Kids play room/Games room – Each year our population grows by at least 0.8% and this is growing each year. So as the numbers in your household begin to multiply, having lean to conservatories can be your solution to the much-needed space. As our kid's toy expansion exceeds more than one room, all we can try to do is contain it to one room. Get your very own lean to conservatory today!

Gym – Another trend that has recently caught on is keeping fit and healthy, however, most gyms are charging above & beyond what people want to spend a month. The bright space of lean to conservatories can be your solution to this. Why see your money slip away from you each month to an expensive gym? Buy lean to conservatories now.


Lean To Conservatories – Get In Contact

For a completely free quote on what lean to conservatories would be suitable for your house, please use our quote form by clicking here. You can also get in touch with one of our helpful team of staff members by calling 01202 39 99 99 or you can email info@tradepricediy.com.


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