Benefits Of A DIY Conservatory

Are you looking to purchase a DIY conservatory? We can tell you all of the benefits you can get from a DIY conservatory and what makes it better than other types of conservatories. The first benefit of these conservatories is that you can build them yourself. These are so easy to put together yourself, they use our innovative pod system which basically allows the conservatory to be pieced together. If you don’t want to build the conservatory yourself this system allows a professional builder to easily build the structure quicker than a normal person could, this means you will be able to relax and sit back while someone else erects the conservatory for you.

Another great benefit of a DIY conservatory is that you will get all the necessary parts delivered all at the same time. This is because all the parts need to fit perfectly together so it is all supplied by us and once delivered you will be able to put it all together in one sitting.

As well with these conservatories, you get a lot of choice for what type of conservatory that you want on the back of your home; We have Lean-To, Edwardian, Victorian, Gable End and so many more. With all of these different types, you can choose the base that goes onto the conservatory, you have the choice of a dwarf wall, full-height glass and full-height raised panels. With the dwarf wall, you can have a type of brick that is similar to your home’s brick to make them look very similar. We have a great range you can choose from.

Benefits Of A DIY Conservatory

More About Benefits Of A DIY Conservatory

As well with the conservatories, you are able to choose the roof that is placed on the top of the conservatories we have. We can supply you with glass, polycarbonate or a tiled roof. Each of these roofs has its own benefits you can choose the best one suited to what you are going to use the conservatory for.

The glass will allow a lot of natural light in through the roof during the daytime. But the roof won’t be able to keep the warm air inside of the conservatory very easily during the winter when you have the heating on. During the summer months, it will get very hot inside of the conservatory as the sun will beam down into the conservatory with nothing stopping it. The polycarbonate roof will be a little better at being able to keep warm air inside of it and stopping the sun from overheating the conservatory during the summer. The roof will also bring in a good amount of natural light so you will be able to enjoy the light evenings for longer.

Then you have the tiled roof which will block a lot of the sun out because it is a solid roof. The energy efficiency of the tiled roof is much better than any other and you will have a cosy warm conservatory during the winter months. The addition of skylights will help to bring in some natural light while still having the benefit of energy efficency.

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