Build A Conservatory In Poole

If you are wanting to build a conservatory on the back of your home we have a lot of choices that you can choose from when it comes to style and appearance. With all of our conservatories, they each come with their own range of sizes. This is so you can pick the perfect size for your home. We also give you the choice for your conservatory base these are dwarf wall, full-height glass and full-height raised panels. With the dwarf walls, you can choose the brick that is used on them from our own range. With the roof, you also get a choice of 3 different types, these are glass, polycarbonate and tiled. The tiled roof is the one that we would recommend and this is because of the insulation and other benefits that it provides to you.

The roof will help to keep your conservatory warm during the winter because of the insulation inside the roof, you will be saving more energy with the tiled roof than if you went for any other type of roof. During the summer the insulation will help to keep all of the hot stuffy air out. This works because the roof is solid and therefore the sunlight can’t penetrate the roof and overheat the conservatory as easily as it can with a glass or polycarbonate roof. With the tiled roof, you will notice that the acoustics are very good inside the conservatory so you will be able to have things that make a noise like a Tv or a speaker and it not getting too loud or having too much echo inside. Our conservatories are made using our innovative pod system that allows the conservatory to be constructed very easily once delivered. It is so easy that you can build it if you are up for the challenge and if not then we can arrange someone to come and build it for you.

Build A Conservatory In Poole

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