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Empower Your Expansion: Bungalow Extension Kits Tailored for You


Adding a bungalow extension is more than just a home improvement. It’s a step towards customising your lifestyle and improving your home’s function and appeal. At Trade Price, we specialise in DIY bungalow extension kits. They simplify the process, making it easy and doable for homeowners. The kits let homeowners expand their space without the complexity of traditional construction. This article outlines the key benefits and asks frequently asked questions we get. And we will also explain how our extension kits achieve a seamless and successful home extension. The extension will fit your needs and your bungalow’s unique character.


Bungalow extension


The Benefits of Bungalow Extension Kits


Enhance your single-story living with bungalow extension kits.


Single-Level Living Enhancement

using an extension kit for your bungalow can seamlessly increase the footprint of your single-story home. They make it more accessible and convenient. They allow you to expand critical areas like kitchens and living rooms without altering the charm of single-level living.


Value Addition Specific to Bungalows

Extensions on bungalows increase resale value. They enhance the main living spaces on one floor, appealing to a broad market segment, including older adults and those seeking minimalistic living.


Tailored Design Solutions

Our kits are made to match bungalow styles. They ensure that additions look cohesive and fit your home. This customisation lets you keep the classic bungalow appeal while adding modern functionality.


Cost Efficiency for Bungalows

Bungalow extension kits are a smart choice. They require fewer and simpler foundations, and multi-story homes often need them.


Streamlined Installation

Bungalows have one story. Our extension kits offer a simpler, less intrusive installation process. This simplicity speeds up construction. It reduces the disruption to your daily home life. So, it’s an ideal solution for adding space to your home.


Your Complete Guide to Bungalow Extension Success


Enhance your home with our easy-to-install bungalow extension kits.


Planning Your Project

Identify Your Needs: Start by outlining what you want to achieve with your extension. Is it more kitchen space? A sunroom? Defining your goals early ensures the final design meets them and improves your lifestyle.

Consult with professionals. While our kits are for DIY, talking to an architect or designer familiar with bungalows can give tailored advice. They can help adapt the kit to your specific site and needs, ensuring that your extension flows seamlessly with your existing home.


Check your local building codes and permissions before any work begins. Getting the needed permits ensures that your project follows local rules and avoids legal problems.

Documentation Preparation: Prepare and submit all required planning documents. You can get professional services to help with this step. They will make sure your applications are accurate and on time.


Choosing the Right Kit For Your Bungalow

Choosing the Right Fit: Select a kit that complements your bungalow’s design and meets your functional needs. Our diverse styles ensure you can find the perfect match for your home’s architecture.

Material Quality and Sustainability: Opt for a kit made from durable, eco-friendly materials. This will not only extend the life of your extension but also improve your home’s energy efficiency.


Building Your Extension

Site Preparation: Clear the construction area and ensure it is accessible for delivering materials. This preparation is crucial for a smooth building process.

Kit Assembly: Our kits are engineered for straightforward assembly. Whether you decide to DIY or hire contractors, the process is designed to be simple and quick, minimising disruption to your daily life.


Finishing and Integration

Interior Customisation: Personalising the interior is next after the structure is up. Choose finishes and fixtures that align with your bungalow’s interior for a cohesive look.

Exterior Finishing: Make sure the extension’s exterior matches the rest of your home. Matching materials and smart landscaping help blend the new with the old and make your property look better.


Following these steps allows your bungalow extension project to progress smoothly. They go from conception to completion. Our kits provide the base for a successful build. They offer quality, customisation, and full support for your extension journey.

You can also check out some of our finished projects in the video gallery section on our website.



Essential FAQs on Bungalow Extension Kits


Discover how our unique bungalow extension kits can enhance your home.


1. What differentiates Trade Price bungalow extension kits from others?

Our kits are easy to assemble. They have an adaptable design to fit various architectural styles and focus on integrating with existing bungalows. We use modular parts, which cut waste and ensure a precise fit. This sets our kits apart in the market. They are known for their efficiency and sustainability.

2. How flexible are Trade Price extension kits for specific design preferences

Each kit offers many customisation options. You can choose from various layouts, materials, and finishes. This flexibility ensures that your extension feels bespoke. It will be tailored to complement your existing home and meet your lifestyle needs.

3. What support does Trade Price provide for navigating building regulations?

We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive support and guiding you through the regulatory maze. Our team ensures that your extension meets local building codes. We do this from design to final inspection, making the approval process faster.

4. Is technical support available for DIY installers of your bungalow extension kits?

Yes, we provide detailed manuals, online video tutorials, and access to our technical support team. You can confidently undertake the installation for DIY enthusiasts, knowing help is just a call or click away.

5. How does the installation time of your kits compare to traditional extension builds?

Our kits are prefabricated and designed for quick installation, greatly cutting traditional building times. The time to complete most extensions depends on the scale. It can be a matter of weeks, much faster than the months taken by conventional methods.


Check out these pages we sourced to help with your bungalow extension design.



bungalow extension


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