Conservatories For Sale In Portsmouth

If you are interested in our conservatories for sale in Portsmouth, we have an amazing range you can get from us, you get to choose the base of the conservatory, you can choose from a dwarf wall, full-height glass or full-height raised panels. With the dwarf wall, you can choose the brick that is used on it from our very own range. With all of our conservatories, they each have their own range of sizes that they come in, this way you can choose a size that will be perfect for your home. These aren’t the only things you can choose to put onto your conservatory, we also have a choice of roofs that you can have as well. These are glass, polycarbonate and tiled.

Conservatories For Sale In Portsmouth

With the tiled roof, you will have a lot of benefits that come with it and will perform better than the traditional glass and polycarbonate. Because the tiled roof is filled with insulation it is very efficient with the energy it uses. Not only will the roof keep the conservatory warm in the winter it will also keep it cool in the summer by blocking the direct sunlight out. it also has great acoustics so you can have people inside the conservatory and there won’t be much echo if any. We can install skylights into the tiled roof to bring in some natural light if you think it will be blocking out too much for you.

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We also have extensions we can provide you with and these can have flat roofs on them as well.