Conservatories In Dorset

When you purchase a conservatory with Trade Price you get a lot of freedom to what you want to the conservatory to look like. You have the choice of what roof goes onto the conservatory as you have the choice between Polycarbonate, Glass or Tiled. Each has their benefits but the roof you will most benefit from having on your conservatory is the tiled roof it gives you great efficiency with your heating and will stop the conservatory from overheating in the summer. Because the tiled roof blocks out some of the natural light that would normally come into the conservatory you can get skylights that will help bring in some of the lost natural light. Take a look at our conservatories here.

At Trade Price we also have extensions you can purchase from us these are normally a bigger structure if you wanted to have more space than what a normal conservatory offers. You can see all the types of extensions we have by going to our extension page.

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