Conservatory Benefits – Tiled

Tiled Conservatories are filled with many features and we can explain to you every feature it has and why. It has Improved thermal efficiency this caused due to the added layers you’ll be able to enjoy your conservatory all year round and will shave off a bit off your energy bill as well.

It will improve the acoustics of the conservatory if you get a tiled roof, compared to a glazed or polycarbonate roof the tiled one is the quietest of them all this is again because of the added layers it helps bring down the sound and can reduce the sound by 30 decibels.

More About Tiled Roof Conservatories

The look of the conservatory with a tiled roof on is much better than a glazed or polycarbonate roof, loads of our customers have said the conservatory is aesthetically pleasing. It looks like a more traditional extension with a tiled roof becoming an integral addition to your home.

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