Conservatory Design

At trade price, we have many different designs for you to choose from. Lean-to, Edwardian, Double hipped, we have them all even flat roofs. You will not be disappointed with our collection. A design for every house is what we believe we have so no matter where you live or what type of house you live in you will be able to find a conservatory that fits. You can have it blend right into your house as well with our tiled roof version.

If you would like a Small sized Conservatory We would suggest going for one of our Lean-to range as they are small and compact.

For a Medium sized conservatory, we would suggest an Edwardian, Edwardian double hipped, Victorian 3 Faceit, Victorian 5 Faceit and a Gable End. These are the most average sized conservatories that we have in our factory.

A large conservatory would be rather a Victorian 3 Faceit Double Hipped and a Gullwing Conservatory. These are very nice and provide you with big amounts of space.

If you want a Huge conservatory then you should go for the P-shape or Edwardian P-shape these are monsters of conservatories and will provide you with so much room you won’t know what to do with all of it.