Conservatory In Hampshire

If you are looking for a conservatory to go onto the back of your home and expand your living space, we have some great structures that we can supply you with. These can also be customised to fit your liking, for example with our conservatory bases you can’t only choose the base you want on the conservatory but if you were to purchase a dwarf wall you have a range of bricks that can be used on it. We have a range of roofs you can have on your conservatory, we have glass roofs, polycarbonate roofs and tiled roofs available for your purchase and we recommend the tiled roof more than any other because of the insulation it has inside of it. During the winter the roof will be able to help keep a lot of warm air inside of it. It can also help to keep the conservatory cool during the summer as well, this is because the roof will block a lot of the direct sunlight coming into the conservatory and therefore will stop the conservatory from overheating.

As well with the tiled roof, if you want to be efficient but not keep all of the light out from the structure then you can have skylights added onto the conservatory to bring in some natural light. The roof is also very strong and can withhold a lot of force, the acoustics inside the conservatory are also improved compared to the other types of roofs.

Conservatory In Hampshire

As well with all of our conservatories, they come in their own range of sizes, this way you will be able to pick one that suits the space you have available on the back of your home. We also have a big range of conservatories like Lean-to, Edwardian, Victorian, Gable end and more!


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We also have extensions available for you to purchase from us if you want something bigger than a traditional conservatory.