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Please discover more about our fantastic range of DIY conservatories by viewing the videos below...


Synseal Roof Build in 43 Minutes


Synseal Conservatory Roof Test


Better Be Synseal

View all the features and benefits provided by the Synseal Conservatory Suite. See all of the reasons why we use the Synseal range for our DIY Conservatories.


Better Tested

See how the Synseal range is built to an exceedingly high standards to ensure quality throughout. View footage of wind and load tests that have been conducted.

Better Technically

See what is behind Synseal's conservatory range. View the technology and practices used to ensure their high quality.

Better Looking

Watch how Synseal keep their conservatories looking better for longer with their design and materials.

The Complete Synerjy Suite

View a tour of the Complete Synerjy Suite.

Our Woodgrain Conservatory Range

View the features & benefits of our Woodgrain Conservatory.




Edwardian/Victorian Valley Trims

Edwardian/Victorian valley trims can produce all the popular pitch and angle variations without compromising structural integrity or weatherproofing.


Edwardian/Victorian Guttering

System specific guttering gives great versatility for all gutter options.


Edwardian/Victorian Roofs

All components are engineered to simplify installation. All roof parts are cut to size, ready to be fitted into position. A large selection of specialist parts are available to allow a conservatory to be installed in most non-standard situations.


Edwardian/Victorian Rafter Fitting

Tie bolt rafter fixings remove the requirement for most tie bars.


Edwardian/Victorian Tiebar Location

Specially engineered tie bar brackets do not affect the structural integrity of the roof bars.

Edwardian/Victorian Swingfit Guttering

Specific gutter profiles co-ordinate perfectly with the rest of the roof components.

Edwardian/Victorian Glazing Bar Location

Internal bolt slot in glazing bars reduce leak potential and saves installation time.


Edwardian/Victorian Starter Bar

Specialised starter bar allows easy fitting of lead flashing to house wall, giving a neat finish to the conservatory.

Edwardian/Victorian Glass Stops

Glazing closure and retainer prevents glass from slipping down the roof, both during and after installation.


Edwardian/Victorian Finial

The finial screws straight into the radius cap without breaking through to the inside of the building, preventing possible leaks.


Edwardian/Victorian Rafter End Caps

Pre-fitted end caps save valuable time on site.


Edwardian/Victorian Eaves Beam

One eaves beam design suits all roof options. Internal cappings are ready cut to reduce installation time.


Edwardian/Victorian Cresting

All cresting arrives on site pre-fitted and centred. Injection moulded end cap is colour co-ordinated with the rest of the roof.


Edwardian/Victorian Roofs

All elements of our conservatory roofs are designed to work in harmony with each other. The roofs combine the strength of an aluminium core, with aesthetic appeal of PVCu top and bottom cappings.


Edwardian/Victorian Rafters

Substantial 13mm fixing bolts enable rafters to hook directly into position.


Edwardian/Victorian Boxgutters

The double skin aluminium construction reduces the risk of condensation. The purpose built gutter adaptor allows the box gutter to connect directly to the rest of the conservatory guttering.



Lean To Woodgrain Products

Woodgrain cappings have an aluminium base to prevent distortion in hot weather.


Lean To Starter Bar

Wide starter bar guarantees a consistent sight line to the inside of the conservatory.


Lean To Roof (Low Pitch)

Our low pitch roof gives a 2.5 degree pitch angle, using 35mm polycarbonate.


Lean To Roof

Wider rafter centres than most other roof systems are possible with our conservatory roofs.


Lean To Rafter Fitting

Glazing bars fit from the inside for easier installation.


Lean To Eaves Beam

Specific low height eaves beam allows our conservatory to be fitted in positions not possible with other systems.










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