DIY Conservatories In Portsmouth

If you are looking for a new conservatory to put on the back of your home to expand the space inside your home then we have the perfect range for you. Our conservatories come in a range of sizes so that you can choose from and this can be very helpful to you as you can choose a size that will fit and suit your home without it being too big nor too small. With the conservatory, you can also choose the base that is put onto it, you can choose from a dwarf wall, full-height glass and full-height raised panels. The roof is also a choice of yours, you can have a glass, polycarbonate or a tiled roof to choose from when you come with us. With the tiled roof if you were worried about there being no natural light inside of the conservatory you can also have skylights installed into the roof so you can have the best of both worlds. As the conservatory is DIY you can build it yourself using our guides and instructions. We have great DIY conservatories In Portsmouth.

DIY Conservatories In Portsmouth

The tiled roof will provide you with great insulation that will keep the warm air inside of it for so much longer than some of the other types of roofs. Not only will the insulation benefit you in the winter but the summertime as well, this is because the roof won’t let the sunlight penetrate the roof and overheat it as it can easily do with the glass roof and polycarbonate roof. The roof will also provide good acoustics to the conservatory and you will be able to enjoy conversation or the TV without it getting too loud inside.

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