DIY Conservatory Build

All of our conservatories have the option for you to build it yourself. You don’t have to do this by yourself if you don’t want to but it is a good way to save a bit of money. We can send one of our team to your property to erect the conservatory for you. We have 3 types of roofs for you to choose from as well, Polycarbonate/Glazed, Tiled or Flat Roof. These roofs each have their own benefits.

The glass roof is really good at bringing natural light inside of the conservatory so you can make the most out of the sunny days we have, but the downside to this roof is the energy efficiency isn’t good, you will be spending a lot of money during the winter to keep it warm. The polycarbonate roof can also bring in a good amount of natural light during the day and has better energy efficiency than the glass roof. Then the tiled roof won’t let any natural light into the conservatory unless you have skylights installed into it but this is because of the insulation that is put into the roof and this makes the tiled roof brilliant with its energy efficiency and you will be able to save money during the cold winter months as you won’t need to have the heating on for as long.

More About DIY Conservatory Build

The styling of the conservatory is completely up to you as well you have control over the colours you want and other things like the frames and windows. Depending on what type of conservatory you get the roof will be different and some roofs are self-cleaning, this means that when it rains the roof will be able to wash away any dirt and also on some of the roofs you can have it so the sunlight breaks down all the dirt of the roof making it look cleaner and will be less maintenance. See our easy to fit conservatory guides page.

With us, you have so much choice as to what type of conservatory you want to have and then choosing how big you want it and how you want it to look. The practicality of a conservatory is unbelievable you can have a lot more room to work with inside your home and can finally have a room for the kids, adults or both. We have heard from our clients and a lot of them say that the conservatory is ideal for what they wanted. You can see for yourself on our testimonial page 

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