DIY Conservatory Installation Dorset

Are you looking for a new DIY conservatory to be installed onto your home in Dorset? We have a great range of DIY conservatories you can get from us and great guides and instructions you can follow to build the conservatory yourself. A lot of people enjoy the challenge of building their own conservatory, it also ends up being cheaper as you don’t have to pay someone to erect it for you. All of our conservatories have their own range of sizes that you can choose from to make sure you are getting the perfect size for the room you have available. With our conservatories, you can choose between three different bases that can go onto the structure, you can get a dwarf wall, full-height glass or full-height raised panels. With the dwarf wall, you can choose the brick colour from our extensive range.

You can also choose between a range of roofs that we have available. You can have a tiled roof, glass roof or a polycarbonate roof, we recommend the tiled roof as it will help to make your experience with the conservatory much better. Our tiled roofs are packed with insulation that will provide you with much better energy efficiency which will keep the conservatory warmer for longer during the cold months, this will also save you money on your heating bill as you won’t need the heating on for as long as you would with any other roof type. As well with the roof, you will have much better acoustic soundings inside as the insulation will act as a cushion and won’t bounce off the roof as easily.

DIY Conservatory Installation Dorset

More about the tiled roof is that you can install skylights into the roof and this will allow you to still have a decent amount of natrual light inside the conservatory while still having amazing energy efficency. If you are interested in our conservatories go and have a look at all of them on our conservatory page!

We also have a range of extensions that we can provide you with, these are traditionally bigger than a normal conservatory and you can have it any size you want. These extensions can be used for a lot of different things but the most popular are a bigger lounge, extended kitchen, a dining area and a play area, of course you don’t just have to do that you can have a mixture of any of those listed or you can use it for something completly different as the choice is yours. The roof can come in a pitched style or a flat style depending on what you want the strucure to look like. Skylights and sky lanterns are also available with our extensions.

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