DIY Conservatory With Solid Roof

At Trade Price we have some brilliant conservatories that you can purchase from us that have a solid roof on them. Our DIY conservatories are very easy to construct together and this is why so many of our customers are up to the challenge of doing it themselves, we give you all of the instructions and guides that you will need to be able to do this. With the solid roof going onto the conservatory you will have a very efficient and stylish conservatory on the back of your home. We have a big range of different styles of conservatories, for example, we have Lean-to’s, Edwardian, Gable Ends, P-shaped and many more! With all of our conservatories, they come in their own range of sizes that you can pick from, this way you can pick a size that is perfect for your home.

Our solid roofs bring some good benefits to your conservatory as well, the first being its energy efficiency which will enable you to be able to use the conservatory during the winter without having to spend loads of money on your heating bill. The roof will also help to keep the conservatory cool during the summer as the roof will block a lot of the direct sunlight out which means it won’t be able to heat up the conservatory. The roof will also provide good acoustics to the conservatory so you can have noise inside of the conservatory without there being too much echo.

DIY Conservatory With Solid Roof

We also have extensions that can be purchase from us if you want a structure that is bigger than a traditional conservatory, we also have a flat roof that can go on top of the extension to make it look smart and modern. If you want to take a closer look at our extensions please head to our extensions page.


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