DIY Tiled Roof Conservatory

Tiled conservatories are the upgraded version of a normal conservatory and give’s you added benefits like thermal insulation and acoustics. Those two benefits aren’t the only ones you will see loads of little benefits that make your life easier and less stressful. The only hold back this type of conservatory will have is the amount of sunlight you get in the conservatory as the tiled roof blocks a lot of what it would usually bring in. But this can be fixed slightly by installing skylights or lanterns into the roof and that will bring in more natural light.

These conservatories are easily built and can be done by you if you want to. Or we can have one of our guys sent out to build it for you. We love giving our customers the best service possible. The tiled conservatory will give you more of a permanent feel to the conservatory. You can also make the conservatory blend into the house quite well if you use the same coloured tiles and if you are building the conservatory with bricks then you can match your house with the same bricks to make it look like the conservatory was built with the house and wasn’t added on afterwards.

Get in to contact us to tell us your dream conservatory and we can make that a reality.

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