Extend Your Home With A Tiled Conservatory

if you’ve ever wanted to expand the space inside your home you can very easily with our tiled conservatories. They are perfect for a lounge area to relax and watch TV, they can be used as dining room areas and kitchen extensions. We have a good range of tiled conservatories that you can see by going on to our self-build conservatory page. Our tiled conservatories have some of the best features a conservatory can offer. The insulation that the conservatory has provides a few great things that a polycarbonate or glass roof doesn’t offer, the first thing is the temperature inside the conservatory will be a lot more bearable than it was before in the winter and the summer. The other advantage is the insulation provides a soft-sounding area for you to relax in and watch tv with an annoying echo or loud sounding room.

Another benefit you get when you choose tiled over glass or polycarbonate is the strength of the roof is much stronger than the other two types this will be a huge benefits for you as it means that it would take something very heavy to do some damage to the roof and the tiled roof also need less maintenance to keep it in good condition.

This roof will last you much longer as well this means that your investment into the conservatory will last longer. You can also add skylights and lanterns to get the traditional conservatory feel.

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