Extensions On Your House

We can put a nice extension on your house wherever you need it. We can build an extension for you that suits your needs with size and looks. Things like Bricks and frames can be matched in colour with your house so the extension doesn’t look out of place. The roof on the extension will have good insulation so it won’t get cold in the winter quickly so you can easily heat it with a short spell of heating, therefore saving you money on your heating bill.

You can also introduce lanterns and skylights to bring in some natural light as the roof on the extension will be solid and not glass or polycarbonate. We will deliver all the necessary materials and send an installer to build it up for you so you don’t have to wait long for your ideal extension to be up and running. Our services are normally very quick as our deliver only takes around 14 days. After that we can get you an installer to erect it for you. If you feel like an extension may be too big for what you would need it for, we do have conservatories that may take your interest, take a look here.

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