Extensions With A Flat Roof

With our extensions, you can get a flat roof on top of the extension. This can bring you many benefits as the roof is well insulated, this will mean that during the winter the extension will be able to keep heat inside from your radiators or other heat sources. It will also benefit you in the summer months as well, if you have had a conservatory before with a glass or polycarbonate roof you will know that the conservatory would overheat in the summer and it would be useable for those summer months. But the flat roof blocks the direct sunlight from hitting inside the conservatory and will stop it from overheating inside having a nice and controlled environment.

When you purchase an extension with us you get to choose the key features of it like the colours of the brick and other things like the roof. You have a choice of having skylights and lanterns put into the roofs as well to bring in some of the natural light lost by the solid roof blocking it out. The skylights and lanterns work so well as with them you get the best of both worlds, having an extension that keeps the heat in during the winter, keeps it cool during the summer and brings in loads of light so that you don’t have to use as lights inside the extension when the sun is out.

Extensions With A Flat Roof

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