Extra Space With DIY Conservatories

Do you need some extra space inside of your home? A DIY conservatory can help you get this extra room needed inside of your home. We have seen people use our conservatories for lots of different things; So whatever you have in mind of putting inside of your conservatory, it will work with ours. At Trade Price we try to make your life as easy as possible and that is why we give you the chance to build your own conservatory.

We provide you with everything you will need to do this and eliminate the need to shop around for the best deals on windows and doors. By purchasing from Trade Price, you immediately cut out the middleman and are provided everything you need to be delivered straight to your door, ensuring you get the absolute best deal money can buy. We have made it our priority to provide the general public with real trade prices.

With our conservatories, there are a few different things you can pick to go onto the conservatory of your choice and one of them is the size of the conservatory. This is because each of our conservatories come in their own range of sizes that we can make them in. You will see these sizes on each of the dedicated conservatory pages and choose the perfect size for the room you need and the space you have available to you. Another thing that you can choose on the conservatory is the base of the conservatory. You can choose between dwarf walls, full-height glass and full-height raised panels. You can choose which base you like and think will look best on your conservatory.

Extra Space With DIY Conservatories

More About Our DIY Conservatories

The customisation doesn’t stop there. You can pick the roof that you have on the conservatory as well. At Trade Price we have glass, polycarbonate and tiled roofs that can be put onto our conservatories. These roofs are great and you can pick them based on how you want to use the conservatory.

The glass roof is great as it allows natural light to come into the structure and provides you with a bright conservatory during the day. Then the polycarbonate roof also allows natural light to come through but it is better with its energy efficiency so when you want to use the conservatory during the winter you don’t have to spend loads of money heating it up. Then the tiled roof is great at keeping the warm air inside of it and you will save a lot of money on your energy usage compared to if you had a glass or polycarbonate roof. As well with the tiled roof, you can get skylights installed into it and this will help to bring in more natural light.

If you want extra space with DIY conservatories please make sure you get in contact with us via our quick quote form down below.
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