Flat Roof Extensions In Dorset

Flat roof extensions are a great way to extend your home and get that extra space you’ve always wanted. We enable you to have these extensions at affordable prices. When you purchase an extension with us we give you as much freedom as we can. You get the choice of what brickwork your extension is made out of. This can be made to match the existing brickwork you have on your house. This way it will look like you have always had the extension in place and it won’t stand out. If you don’t like the idea of a flat roof you can have a tiled roof instead and with this, you will still be getting the energy efficiency you would be getting with the flat roof.

If you aren’t looking for an extension, but you still want to add a structure onto your house then we have a huge range of conservatories that you can see on our conservatory page! You can get a tiled roof with our conservatories. This will ensure that your conservatory will stay warm during the cold winter months.

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