Flat Roof Extensions In Gloucestershire

If you want to build an extension on the back of your home then our flat roof extensions in Gloucestershire are perfect for you. The flat roof will make the extension look smart and will bring you thermal benefits as well. These thermal benefits will enable you to use the extension all year round as in the winter you won’t need to have the heating on all the time as once the extension has heated up it will stay that way for long periods of time and this means you will be cosy inside your extension even on the coldest days of the year. During the summer the flat roof will also help you as the insulation will reflect the warm stuffy air away from the extension and will keep your extension very cool. With the flat roof being solid it can block a lot of natural light out from coming into the extension, but you can install sky lanterns which can bring in a good amount of natural light so you don’t have to use your lights inside the extension during the day time.

We also have a great range of conservatories, different styles, shapes and they come in a range of sizes which you can choose from. When you get one of our conservatories you get a choice between 3 different roof types, these are glass, polycarbonate and a tiled roof. The tiled roof is very similar to the flat roof in terms of energy efficiency and you can get skylights installed into your tiled roof to bring in more natural light.

Flat Roof Extensions In Gloucestershire

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