Getting A Conservatory With Trade Price

When you purchase a conservatory from us you get a lot of choice between colours, roofs and lots more. We like to give you as much choice as possible so you can personalise the conservatory to your liking, whether you want it to look like your property now so it blends in or you go for a completly different colour scheme to make the conservatory stand out and people will notice it.

The choice of roofs you have is great as you get to choose between 4 different types all with different benefits. You have Glass, Polycarbonate, Tiled and Flat Roof. The Flat roof and Tiled roof both offer much better insulation than the Glass and Polycarbonate roofs which may be better for you if you want to use the conservatory in the winter and summer.

If you don’t think a conservatory is right for you then we also have extensions that you can purchase from us. When you purchase something from us we get it delivered to you faster than anyone else and we can get an installer to come and put it all together for you so you aren’t waiting too long for your perfect conservatory or extension.

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