Great Value Conservatories In Dorset

We have some great value conservatories that you can purchase from us! Our range of conservatories includes Lean-to, Edwardian, Victorian and many more! We have the best prices on the market and you will be more than pleased with what we can supply you with. We give you a choice of what base your conservatory will have on it, you can choose from a dwarf wall, full-height glass and full-height raised panels. We also give you the choice to what roof you can have on your conservatory as well, you have the choice between glass, polycarbonate and a tiled roof, we do recommend the tiled roof over any other roof as it has some great benefits. These benefits are thermal efficiency, this means that you will be able to keep the conservatory warm during the winter and be able to use the conservatory all year round as it won’t get too cold or hot inside. The acoustics inside the conservatory will be good with the tiled roof on it, there will be very little echo if not any inside the conservatory with a tiled roof on top of it! Because the tiled roof will also block a lot of the natural light out from the conservatory you can get skylights installed into the roof and these will help to bring in natural light. Out conservatories also use a pod system which makes them very easily put together, so easy that you could do it yourself and you can if you want to. With our easy to follow guides, you will have no problem erecting the conservatory yourself. Understandably if you wanted someone else to do it that will know more about what they are doing then we can arrange that for you.

We can also provide you with some great value extensions that will give you loads of extra space inside your home. Our extensions can be used for anything you want, but a lot of people will use it for a lounge and dining area or extend their kitchen with it. With the extension, you can have a tiled roof or a flat roof on the extension and the skylights and sky lanterns are available with our extensions so you can maximise the light inside your extension!


Great Value Conservatories In Dorset

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