Great Value Conservatories In Somerset

If you are looking to get a conservatory, we have some really nice great value conservatories in Somerset. Our range is quite big so you won’t have any problems in finding a conservatory that you like and you think will suit your home. Each one of our conservatories comes in a range of sizes as well so you can pick the perfect size for you. Our conservatories also have a bunch of features you can choose for example the base of the conservatory, you get the choice between dwarf wall, full-height glass and full-height raised panels. With the dwarf wall, you can choose the brick that is used on it. With our conservatories, you can choose the roof that goes onto it, we have glass, polycarbonate and a tiled roof that can be used on our conservatories. With the tiled roof, you will get a lot of great benefits that will allow you to use it all year round, this includes really good energy efficiency, good acoustics inside and you can add skylights to the roof so that it allows natural light to go through the roof and into the conservatory as the tiled roof can block a lot of the light out of it.

We also have extensions that we can supply to you, these can be any size you need them to be and you can choose the things like the brick and you also have the choice between a tiled roof or a flat roof. Both of these roofs can have skylights or sky lanterns installed into them to bring in natural light.

Great Value Conservatories In Somerset

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