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How Much Does A Conservatory Cost

Some conservatories cost more than others because of the size and materials used.  It can also cost more because of the type of conservatory you want to purchase.  Using lean to conservatories as an example. A dwarf wall is the most expensive one you can get from that range and is £4,828 without any upgrades. You can change the roof material from polycarbonate to glass or a tiled roof but it will have an extra cost.  A lean-to DIY conservatory: full height glass can cost as little as £4,029 which are cheaper than the dwarf wall but still has the minimum specs on it.  The raised Panels version comes to £4,379 at its cheapest. So the most expensive lean to conservatory is the dwarf wall and the cheapest is the full height glass conservatory.

These prices aren’t the same for every type of conservatory as some take more materials to build and are naturally bigger than the ones used as an example.

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