Lean-To Conservatories Information

Lean-To conservatories are a very good conservatory that will benefit you. It is small and compact with a roof that is sloped down to allow rainwater to fall easily off the conservatory. It is one of the cheapest conservatories as well so if you don’t want to fork out loads of money for a conservatory then this is the perfect one for you. We always try to make our conservatories as affordable as possible and now it’s even easier to get a conservatory with our finance options. You have a plan that lasts 5 years (60 months) you will pay instalments towards the conservatory. With 9.9% APR, you can’t really go wrong with it.

The conservatory is available in polycarbonate, glass and tiled roofs, you have the choice of any roof you want along with the base and colour scheme for the whole conservatory. You can make the conservatory blend into your house as if it was there when you first moved in or have it stand out as if it was its own stand-alone place of the house. With our helpful and easy guides, you will be able to build the conservatory yourself if you don’t want to build it yourself then we can arrange someone to come over and erect the conservatory for you with ease.

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