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22nd March 2023

5 Ways to get the most out of your Tiled roof conservatory

Not only are our tiled roof conservatories incredibly easy to put up (check out this quick installation video), they’re also very versatile.

Gone are the days when a conservatory was destined to only be used as a sunroom (though they can certainly be used for that too!). Nowadays, conservatories find themselves being put to a variety of uses, and to great effect.

Plus, thanks to the insulative properties of our DIY tiled roof conservatories, you can make use of the new room year-round, without worrying about temperatures rising or dropping uncomfortably.

Here are 5 uses for a tiled roof conservatory, providing plenty of inspiration for your new extension:

1. Home Office

Our tiled roof conservatories make excellent homes offices. They’re light, airy and well insulated, creating a zone that keeps work separate from the rest of the house.

Studies have shown that natural light makes a marked difference to productivity, so why not give yourself a boost by setting up your office in the conservatory.

Another benefit of using the conservatory as an office is the proximity to the garden; closeness to nature also has a positive effect on mood and motivation. Plus, you’re more likely to get up and stretch your legs outside, which is great for overall health.

woman working in conservatory
woman on treadmill

2. Home Gym

Keeping gym equipment in the house can create a cramped feeling that makes the home feel cluttered. Not to mention how inconvenient it can be if you have to get the equipment out, and pack it away again, every time you want to work out.

Our DIY tiled roof conservatories offer plenty of space for a home gym, creating a designated area that will help motivate you to work out,

You can choose the custom size of your new conservatory, leaving you with plenty of space for movement and equipment.

3. Breakfast Room

A bright spot to eat breakfast is a great way to start the day, boosting serotonin levels which has been shown to act as a mood booster for the rest of the day. Tiled roof conservatories make perfect breakfast rooms, creating an airy, relaxing spot to start the day right.

Also, if you’re someone who loves entertaining, having a designated breakfast room in your conservatory is sure to appeal, providing a bright space to serve guests.

breakfast room
woman reading in conservatory

4. Reading Nook

If you’re someone who loves to read, whether its books, magazines or newspapers, our tiled roof conservatories create the perfect, relaxing environment.

Unlike traditional conservatories, the temperature regulation offered by our tiled roof conservatories makes them a comfortable place to sit year-round, so you can enjoy reading in comfort.

Even if you’re not a big reader, you could still turn your conservatory into a relaxing nook for yoga, meditation, or simply chilling out.

5. Kids’ Playroom

Space is often at a premium with kids in the picture, which is where a tiled roof conservatory can really come into its own.

Conservatories make excellent playrooms, providing plenty of space for children to play and store their toys without encroaching on the living room or bedroom space.

Our tiled roof conservatories are also great environments for children to enjoy different kinds of activities like sandpits and water troughs, even when they can’t be outside, without the fear of creating mess in the house.

kids playroom

Install a Tiled Roof Conservatory

At Trade Price, we specialise in designing and manufacturing DIY tiled roof conservatories; these are made-to-measure, self-build conservatories that are designed to your exact specifications.

All of the parts are cut to size at our small factory and delivered to you in as little as three weeks, ready for you to assemble at home.

Browse our range of conservatories and contact us for a no-obligation quote. For any enquiries, give us a call on 01202 399999.