Tiled Roof Conservatory Interior
30th November 2022

5 Ways to Use a Tiled Roof Conservatory

Conservatories don’t just make good living rooms – they can be used for a variety of practical purposes, from exercising to working from home.

Some people worry that a conservatory won’t stay at a comfortable temperature year round. Although that can be a risk with traditional models, that’s not the case with a tiled roof conservatory.

Thanks to their high level of insulation, conservatories with tiled roofs stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This opens up limitless possibilities for your conservatory to be used for.

The team at Trade Price have years of experience supplying and installing conservatories across the South. In this post, we lay out five creative ways to use your tiled roof conservatory.

1. Home Gym

Exercise in the beauty of nature with a home gym in your conservatory.

Unlike conventional conservatories, tiled roof conservatories don’t get hot in the summer. The superior insulation will keep the heat out as you hit the treadmill or lift iron, ensuring you stay cool for your entire workout. Simply throw open your windows and doors to enjoy fresh air as you get your blood pumping.

2. Playroom

Finding enough space for your little ones to play isn’t always easy. A tiled conservatory is the perfect solution, sheltering them from the elements while providing them with plenty of natural light and fresh air to play in.

The windows let your children get more sunlight in the winter, while the tiled roof protects them from sunburn in summer. Even better, opening the door gives your children the freedom to easily travel between the inside or outdoors, encouraging their independence.

3. Art Studio

Get inspired by the world beyond your windows by turning your conservatory into an art studio!

A conservatory’s wide windows let in plenty of natural light to draw or paint by, while the shaded roof overhead keeps out glare and provides excellent noise dampening. Your studio will be a quiet, peaceful place to get your creativity flowing.

4. Garden Retreat

Thanks to an abundance of natural light, plants grow exceptionally well in conservatories. Take advantage of this by transforming your conservatory into a green retreat, filled with a colourful arrangement of flowers, potted trees, and hanging plants. Furnish the room with comfy sofas and drapes to create a cosy, bohemian space for reading or unwinding.

Although plants grow well in traditional conservatories, there is a risk they will get too hot in summer or cold in winter. Overheating could cause photosynthesis and other plant growth processes to pause, as the plant will use all the water it absorbs to cool its plant tissue. A cold snap is even worse – it could cause your plants to suffer cold shock, which will eventually cause them to droop and die.

Luckily, a tiled roof conservatory prevents this. Tiled roofs have a high level of thermal efficiency and will keep your conservatory at just the right temperature. Your plants will have the perfect amount of light, in a temperature that will let them thrive year round.

5. Home Office

There are plenty of proven benefits to working in sight of nature. According to psychotherapist Dr Ruth Allen: “In hospital settings, a vista of trees has been shown to be as effective as medication when it comes to pain relief. There is no doubt that in our working lives a window overlooking greenery [is a] highly effective stress reliever.”

Turning your conservatory into a home office combines the benefits of the outdoors with the convenience of the indoors.

You’ll have plenty of natural light to work with, but won’t have to worry about sun glare on your screen thanks to the tiled roof. Feeling sleepy at your desk? Open your windows and doors for an invigorating breath of fresh air!

Plus, if you feel like working outside for a while, it’ll only take seconds to open the conservatory doors and step outside with your laptop.

At Trade Price, we offer a wide range of tiled roof solutions. Whether you’re looking to build a whole new conservatory or replace the roof of an existing one, we can help you bring your dream conservatory to life. Read through our reviews to see for yourself!

We specialise in installing the Warmer Roof Plus, the most thermally efficient roof on the market, so you can be sure you’ll get to enjoy your new room year round.

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