Victorian grey roof
18th April 2023

Home Extension Kits Approved by JHAI

Our home extension kits offer a simple and fast solution to adding an additional living space to your home. All you need to do is assemble the custom-cut parts that we manufacture.

Trade Price’s home extension kits are designed to be affordable, with quick manufacturing and delivery times, making them a hassle-free alternative to traditional home extension projects. Highly flexible, they can be adapted to fit any door or window layout and can be customised to your specific needs and style preferences, with various optional extras available such as indoor lighting.

Each prefabricated, modular system is unique and allows for significantly shorter completion times compared to traditional building methods. This means that it can be assembled up to five times faster, with minimal disruption to your home and lifestyle.

What level of insulation do our Home Extension Kits provide?

Our home extension kits effectively regulate and preserve heat up to four times more effectively than traditional extensions and have exceptional roof and wall insulation. Based on feedback from our clients, homeowners have reported that their new extension has improved their quality of life, increased the thermal efficiency of their home, and increased its overall value.

JHAI Building Control

JHAI serves as a building control inspection authority, and their System Approval ensures the safety of approved structures.

Our customisable home extension kits have been thoroughly evaluated by JHAI, and we have been granted pre-approved Building Regulations. As a result, customers can trust in the quality and design of our product, and feel assured that it will add significant value to their home.

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