warmer roofs
27th September 2023

How Our Warmer Roofs Stop Condensation in Your Conservatory

Condensation is the bane of any conservatory owner’s life. Not only does it obscure the natural light and panoramic views that draw people to conservatories in the first place, but it can also lead to the growth of damp and mould down the line – serious risks to both your conservatory and your family’s health.

Worry no more. With Trade Price’s Warmer Roof solution, you can say goodbye to condensation and hello to a bright, airy space all year-round!

Aside from offering the lowest U-values on the market, our Warmer Roofs come equipped with innovative condensation-preventing technology. This lowers or even eliminates the chance of condensation in your conservatory, allowing you to enjoy the stunning, uninterrupted views you’ve been dreaming of.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at how our Warmer Roofs are designed to tackle condensation and keep your conservatory a clean and comfortable space whatever the weather. Let’s jump right in!

1. Tile Breather Mesh

The first line of defence against condensation lies in our roofs’ tile breather mesh. Fitted directly underneath the slate or shingle-style roof tiles, it’s a thin, net-like material that allows fresh air to flow freely. This prevents condensation from building up on the underside of the tiles and spreading downwards.

2. Breather Membrane

Next up is the breather membrane. Entirely waterproof, it effectively blocks rain or stormwater from infiltrating the roof, which can lead to problems like damp, mould, or cracking. Its vapour-permeable design lets moisture escape upwards and out of the roof, allowing your roof to breathe while preventing water from saturating the upper layers.

3. HYBRIS 3-in-1 Insulation

HYBRIS insulation isn’t just responsible for the ultra-low U-values in our roofs; it also plays an important role in preventing condensation. Its copper-coloured exterior is a certified vapour control layer that effectively wards off moisture and wind. This prevents any water from sneaking into the fabric of the insulation, keeping dampness and mould at bay.

4. Insulated Plasterboard

The final preventative layer is the 53mm insulated plasterboard. It’s placed just below the insulation, and it does two important jobs: keeping your space warm by improving thermal efficiency, and acting as a shield against moisture. In the unlikely event moisture manages to sneak past the three layers we’ve already talked about, the plasterboard steps in to make sure it doesn’t go any farther.

5. Timber Frame

It’s not just the roof layers that prevent condensation, either. The frame itself is made from sustainably sourced timber and serves as a natural insulator, helping maintain a more comfortable indoor temperature. This reduces the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor surfaces, which lessens the chances of condensation building up.

Banish Condensation From Your Conservatory With Warmer Roof

Whether you’re grappling with condensation problems in your current conservatory or looking to avoid them in a new one, a Warmer Roof from Trade Price is the perfect solution. Not only is it the best way to bid farewell to condensation, but it also comes with added insulation, noise reduction, aesthetic appeal, and much more!

Excited to get going? Get a quote online or give us a call on 01202 399999 today, and you’ll soon be enjoying a clean and condensation-free conservatory all year long.