Matching Tiled Roof Conservatory to Existing Architecture
15th September 2023

How to Match a Tiled Roof Conservatory to Your Existing Architecture

When you add a tiled roof conservatory to your home, you’re not just expanding your living space – you’re giving your home a fresh, modern new look. However, if your conservatory stands out too much from your home’s existing design, it might not have the effect you had in mind.

Luckily, achieving a seamless flow between the two is more straightforward than you might think. The key is in nailing down the right design elements before you start building it.

With nearly two decades of hands-on experience, the team at Trade Price Warmer Living are your trusted experts in tiled roof extension and conservatory designs. Below, we dive into the 4 crucial factors that go into making your conservatory a perfect match for your home.

1. Roof Shape and Pitch

The shape and angle of your tiled roof can make a big difference in how your new conservatory feels. A lean-to roof gives off a modern and minimalist vibe, while an Edwardian or Victorian-style roof adds a touch of timeless tradition to your home.

The shape and pitch of your new roof are also key to how well it harmonises with your existing one. While it’s possible to contrast different roof styles for a unique look, a good rule of thumb is to try and match your current roof as closely as possible. For instance, if your home has a high, classic roof style, it’s a good idea to go for a similar design for your conservatory roof. This approach helps maintain a neat and consistent appearance throughout your home.

2. Roof Tiles

Once you’ve got the shape and pitch of your roof sorted, you can turn your attention to the tiles themselves. Picking the wrong tiles can make things look mismatched – a red-tiled conservatory roof would look strange next to a grey-tiled house roof, for example – so it’s important to get this aspect right for a seamless flow.

Modern conservatory roofs are available in a fantastic array of tile options, so you can easily customise their design to complement your existing roof. Take our own roof tiles, for example; they come in dozens of colours and offer textures inspired by either slate or shingles, giving you plenty of flexibility over their design.

3. Windows and Doors

Next up are the windows and doors of your new conservatory. These features will be front and centre when people enter or leave through your conservatory, so it will be obvious if they don’t quite match the style or colour of the ones on the other side of your home.

For a more harmonious look, think about picking windows and doors that match or closely resemble your existing ones. The good news is that – just like tiles – you have plenty of options when it comes to window and door styles in modern conservatories. Our diverse door collection, for example, is available in contemporary uPVC and aluminium materials, with choices like patio, French, and bi-fold designs, all offered in a variety of appealing colours. We also have full-height, pocket, and corner return windows, giving you even more freedom over their design!

4. Colours

Although the colour of your roof tiles is more obvious, the other colours matter just as much: the gutters, fascias, frames, and possibly even the masonry (if your conservatory sits on a brick base). These elements might be easy to overlook, but they make all the difference to the connection between your conservatory and your home.

At Trade Price Warmer Living, we offer a wide range of colour choices: our gutters come in four classic colours, while our fascias in eight shades and two finishes – plain white or woodgrain. You also have the option to select from over 40 brick slip finishes, making it easy to design a conservatory that feels like it’s always been a part of your home.

Design the Perfect Conservatory With Trade Price Warmer Living

Trade Price Warmer Living is the South’s go-to choice for stunning self-build conservatory kits. Coming complete with all the materials you’ll need as well as beginner-friendly instructions, our kits make creating the conservatory of your dreams a breeze – all while saving you thousands on labour and architect fees!

Thanks to our array of stylish design choices, you can be confident that introducing one of our kits into your home will instantly elevate its style and infuse a modern, fresh energy throughout, all while harmonising with your home’s current design.

If you’d like to get a closer look at our conservatories, we’d love to have you visit our showroom in Somerset. Our knowledgeable team can’t wait to welcome you, show you around, answer your questions, and have a detailed chat about your specific project requirements.

If you’re ready to get started, book a visit online or give us a call on 01202 399999 today!