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24th April 2023

Is Your Tired, Old Conservatory Costing You Thousands?

It’s official – outdated conservatories are actively damaging house resale prices. Recent news has highlighted that homes with an old-style conservatory can see the value of the property slashed by up to £15,000 – ouch! New buyers are shying away from homes with conservatories that are over 20 years old, citing that they are outdated and inefficient when it comes to energy usage.

How Does an Old Conservatory Affect Resale Value?

Since 2018 – when it became a requirement for all properties on the market to have an EPC rating of ‘E’ or above – buyers have become a lot more tuned into the energy efficiency of any prospective homes. Outdated conservatories, with their draughty windows and roofs, can significantly lower a home’s EPC score. Unfortunately, a low EPC rating can dramatically impact a buyer’s decision to even consider a property. On top of this, independent consumer advisor Money Supermarket has shown that EPC ratings also have a direct correlation on property price. Their research reveals that there can be as much as a 7% increase in property price between a property with an EPC rating of ‘E’ and ‘A’. Not only do old glass conservatories negatively affect a home’s EPC rating, they’re often unattractive and dated – both of which can impact the property’s resale value. So, what’s the solution?

The Solution: Conservatories That Add Value

It’s not all bad news where conservatories are concerned – a quality conservatory or home extension still has the power to add value to your property, as long as it’s done right. According to Checkatrade, a well-planned, quality-built conservatory can add 7% onto the resale price of your home. This means that if your home is set to sell for £250,000, adding a thoughtfully positioned, modern conservatory could see its sale value rise to £267,500. The key to achieving this is to choose the right conservatory and plan it carefully. You’ll need to correctly position the conservatory for maximum sunlight and views, ensure the extension is highly insulated to conserve your EPC rating, and choose an option that is affordable whilst still offering quality.

Profitable Single-Storey Extensions

The most important thing to consider, when looking to improve the value of your home, is to avoid spending more on improvements than you’ll see on returns. That’s why our DIY Tiled Roof Conservatories and in particular, our Single-Storey Extensions are such a valuable asset to homeowners looking to improve their properties. They offer all the advantages of modern living, whilst also being a much more affordable option. Whether your current home is lumbered with an outdated conservatory that’s costing you money, or you’re looking to add more space to your home that will also boost resale value, a Trade Price Warmer Living Single-Storey Extension will help you get closer to that 7% resale price increase.

How Will a Single-Storey Extension Add Value to Your Home?

Our single-storey extensions are a revolutionary addition to the world of home improvement. We take the hassle out of adding a traditional extension to your home by providing bespoke, made-to-measure home extension kits that can be assembled by you at home. Our single-storey extensions add value to homes through:

  • Their unique Warmer Roof technology – the tiled roof system limits heat escaping, helping to benefit the EPC rating of homes.
  • Being comfortable for year-round use – unlike old, traditional, our Single-Storey Extensions are extremely well insulated creating usable space throughout the year that isn’t too hot or too cold.
  • Establishing an attractive, modern extension – our single-storey extensions look smart and contemporary, with attractive tiled roofs that can be chosen to fit with the tiles of your home.
  • Their affordability and quality – thanks to our innovative kit design, we pass considerable savings on to our customers. This means you get a quality home extension that still makes economic sense – even if you’re selling your home.

Don’t Let an Old Conservatory Bring Your House Down

Although outdated conservatories spell bad news for house prices, modern extensions are still a great option for homeowners to consider – even if you’re looking to sell. Based on economic factors, if you have an existing conservatory, you may well be better off starting from scratch. Trying to improve an outdated conservatory sufficiently to improve your EPC rating will be an expensive endeavour, unlikely to make economic sense. Whether you have an old conservatory to replace or are just keen to increase the resale value of your property, you’ll need a quality option that’s economically viable – like one of our Single-Storey Extensions. For more information about Trade Price Warmer Living Single-Storey Extensions, get in touch via our contact form

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