13th July 2023

Tiled Roof Conservatories for Eco-Friendly Living: Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Do you find that your conservatory gets too hot in summer and too cold in winter? Is it costing you an absolute fortune on your energy bills, and affecting your enjoyment of your home? The good news is that having a conservatory doesn’t have to mean owning a money pit — as long as you use the right materials.

Old, outdated conservatories can lose up to a staggering 80% of heat through their roofs — yikes! However, modern, insulative tile roofs have been developed to give conservatories a new lease of life (as well as make them much more eco-friendly).

Specially designed conservatory roof tiles, such as those supplied by Trade Price, offer a complete solution for regulating the temperature of conservatories and preventing heat from escaping. Plus, they’re sustainable too — made from 90% recycled polymers.

Keep reading to find out how a tiled roof conservatory can boost your green credentials and make a marked difference to the energy efficiency of your home.

Why aren’t traditional conservatories energy efficient?

One of the main culprits that causes traditional conservatories to lose heat is a polycarbonate roof. While polycarbonate allows natural light to enter, it lacks proper insulation, making these roofs prone to heat loss during colder months and excessive heat gain during warmer seasons. This lack of thermal regulation can result in discomfort and increased energy consumption.

Here are some additional reasons why traditional conservatories tend to not be energy efficient:

Heat escapes from the rest of the house

Moreover, traditional conservatories often act as a thermal bridge, allowing heat to escape from the rest of the house into the conservatory and subsequently dissipate through the roof. This contributes to a significant loss of heat, requiring additional heating to maintain a comfortable temperature. Consequently, the costs associated with heating a conservatory during winter can be exorbitant.

Poor overall insulation

Traditional conservatories often suffer from poor overall insulation. Inadequate insulation materials and techniques allow heat to escape through walls, windows, and floors. This not only affects the energy efficiency of the conservatory but also impacts the surrounding areas of the house.

Badly fitting components

Gaps often cause insulative problems in traditional conservatories; they may develop over time or have been present since installation. These gaps, such as poorly sealed windows and doors, allow air leakage, leading to drafts and further heat loss. The lack of proper sealing and insulation exacerbates the energy inefficiency of traditional conservatories.

How do roof tiles help improve insulation and energy efficiency?

Specially designed conservatory roof tiles can play a crucial role in improving insulation and energy efficiency. The Warmer Roof from Trade Price, known for its excellent thermal performance, offers significant benefits in this regard. By utilising a combination of 125mm multi-foil honeycomb insulation and 53mm insulated plasterboard, this specialised tiled roof system creates an effective barrier against heat transfer.

Conservatory roof tiles can help improve energy efficiency by:

Maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the year

During summer, tiles can help keep the interior cool by reducing the heat gain from the outside. In the winter months, tiles can prevent heat loss, thus retaining warmth inside the conservatory and reducing the need for excessive heating. This both enhances comfort and causes cost savings on heating bills.

Reducing energy consumption and minimising environmental impact

By creating a well-insulated space, roof tiles help to reduce the overall energy demands of the conservatory, reducing carbon emissions associated with heating and cooling.

Keeping the home’s heating inside

With a tiled roof conservatory, heat from the rest of the house isn’t in danger of escaping through the conservatory’s roof. Instead, the whole building will be able to maintain a much more regular temperature.

Is it easy to build a tiled roof conservatory?

Yes! At Trade Price, our tiled roof conservatories are incredibly easy to build and can be used to replace an existing conservatory or to add a completely new room to your home.

You make all the design choices, and we build all the parts for your conservatory in our factory, custom made to your specifications. After that, it’s simply a case of assembling your DIY conservatory at home!

The innovative Warmer Roof system will ensure that your new conservatory is extremely well insulated, and all of the pieces fit together snugly to ensure no gaps for heat to escape.

Keen to get started with an eco-friendly conservatory solution that is both energy efficient and sustainable? Call us today on 01371 820580 or send us a message and we’ll get back to you soon!