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Below is some further information on our products

Syneal Roof System:

A Synseal Complete Conservatory is available in a variety of wood grain effect finishes as well as white. If you choose one of the wood grain finishes your conservatory roof will have aluminium top caps not PVC-U.

Because darker colours absorb more heat, the wood grain effect finishes are applied to aluminium rather than PVC-U so they can withstand higher temperatures and remain perfect for years to come. View the video above to see results of the Synseal conservatory system weather tests, showing the strength and durability of this conservatory system.

Aluminium comes as standard for wood grain effect top caps, but we also offer a high gloss powder coated aluminium top cap in white as an option.

Synerjy Roof System:

The Synerjy suite of profiles represents the latest development in uPVC conservatory systems.

Developed by Synseal Systems Ltd using their fifteen year experience in the design and manufacture of innovative products in the replacement window market.

The Synerjy window and door profile boasts a fully sculptured design to replicate traditional timber windows and features a low-line gasket which means that the gasket line is level with the edge of the glazing apertures.

No more unsightly black lines around your windows and doors.

Aluminium comes as standard for wood grain effect top caps, but we also offer a high gloss powder coated aluminium top cap in white as an option.

Global 600 Roof System:

Global 600 is the versatile low-pitch roof designed to perfectly match UK housing stock requirements. Achieve a pitch as low as 2.5 degrees by using 35mm polycarbonate sheeting. Global600 is ideal for best practise installing, allowing you align glazing bars and mullions with its unique 600mm centres.

Please watch the video below for more information on the Global 600 Conservatory Roof System

Global 600 Roof Video



Pilkington Activ Self-Cleaning Glass uses the forces of nature to maintain its clear appearance without leaving unsightly streaks. In a dual-action process organic dirt is broken down by daylight and is then washed away by rain, thus making it environmentally friendly and very easy to maintain.

The benefits of self-cleaning glass are numerous. If you clean your own windows you will save time and energy as cleaning windows will be a thing of the past. If you currently employ a window cleaner, you’ll save money to spend on things you really enjoy. Pilkington Activ Self-Cleaning Glass can also be combined with a range of different products to offer many additional benefits (such as thermal, solar and noise control).

Pilkington Activ not only brings you fantastic low maintenance glass cleaning but also allows you to combine it with various products for the ultimate in glass solutions.


Click on your Glass style of choice below to view a brochure:

Watch the video below for more information on the Pilkington Activ range:



With ever increasing energy bills it is important to ensure your home is as energy efficient as possible. By upgrading your windows to ones with PLANITHERM glass you can significantly reduce the cost for heating your home.

PLANITHERM is the market leading energy saving window glass that uses advanced coatings to retain warmth in the home whilst capturing heat from natural daylight. This means your home will be warmer and heating bills lower compared to standard double glazed windows. By insisting on PLANITHERM when speaking to your installer you can be confident you will reduce your energy

IT'S OFFICIALExtension & External Projects Can Re-Start Now

New Government Guidance for Working in Homes during Lockdown

The latest announcement from Certass Competent Persons Scheme has said that external works on conservatories, glazed extensions, etc. can be carried out, as long as there is a thermal divide and you can maintain social distancing.

Non-essential replacement and installation works inside occupied homes should not be undertaken during lockdown.