A couple of years ago my wife and I purchased a conservatory from Trade Price Conservatories. We were so pleased with it, the whole business of choosing, planning and constructing which was made so easy with the help we received from Karl. The conservatory made such a difference to our lives, to be able to sit in comfort in all weathers and look out at our garden. It was not long though before we decided, we would really wish we had gone for a bigger conservatory, we just spent so much time in it that we decided we would like more room to entertain our friends in there so that they could enjoy our garden with us. So we rang Karl and asked if it would be possible to make our original conservatory larger we decided this time to go for a Blue Active K Glass rather than the Clear Glass Roof due to us spending all our spare time in this Room. Once again they were so helpful, they went through the plans with us and worked out exactly the right way to go, within a couple of weeks we had extended our base and had received the extra frames and the new roof. Then with help at the end of the phone from Karl, we were able to construct our new Conservatory. We are so very pleased with it, once again we have to thank Karl for all his help.

Graham in Dorset: