Hi Karl, The whole build took around 3 weeks.I did every thing myself with some help from my brother in law, apart from the bricklaying.I used some on line calculators to work out how much concrete and building materials I needed which proved very good.The total cost was £6.000 which included every thing from skips to a new patio and all the furnishing inside,which is less than half of our cheapest quote to get a builder in.We could have done it cheaper but we upgraded to a glass roof which is amazing,its a lot quieter, and very good now the stars are out earlier. We also paid quite a lot for the best underfloor heating we could get.I am a plumber by trade and have never done anything like this before,I found the whole process easy and very enjoyable even the ground works.People that come around are amazed that I did it myself the best bit is that I have learnt a lot and saved a lot of money at the same time.Thanks very much to you for all your help, it made the whole process so much easier.The conservatory is great and very easy to put together and very good quality.

Mr Charles: