I felt that I should put pen to paper to thank you for the exceptional service that you provided us with when we recently purchased our large DIY Victorian conservatory from you. I can honestly say that you are undoubtedly the most professional company I have ever dealt with, and you should be very proud of the way you conduct your business. From the first time I called you on a bank holiday; you answered the phone and all of my questions very clearly. After paying my £50 deposit, the excellent and clear base plans arrived the next day by post. My builder was able to set to work a month later, and he commented that the plans were the best he had seen and had no problems building the base, which was completed within a week. A month later I called you to ask if you could help me to complete and check my order form, you advised me on how to measure correctly all of the plastic areas that match up with my bungalow. I then paid my 50% deposit and within 4 days you telephoned me to confirm my delivery date for the arrival of my new conservatory. Incredibly, you called me the night before to confirm that the delivery would arrive early the next morning. At 7:30am the driver was standing on my doorstep. This is what I call service; at no stage did I ever have any feeling of unease in dealing with you. When the conservatory was unloaded it was perfectly packed with all the delivery paperwork. I was able to check all the parts were complete and only after I was happy I called you to pay the outstanding 50% balance. As this was a DIY conservatory I had top set about assembling it, this is where you provided me with a gold star service answering questions on any part of the conservatory with a quick phone call. Thank you for your support and we are now the very proud owners of a very large double hipped Victorian conservatory. People reading this out there may be interested to know that I had quotes of up to £21,500 for this style and size of conservatory to be installed. I now sit here with it all finished with it costing me just £6,500. You have saved me a fortune and given me the pride of having built it myself on my own in 8 days. The conservatory fitted the base like a hand into a glove as you can see in the photo.

Mr. & Mrs. Lund,