Pros Of A Tiled Conservatory

Conservatories are a very good way of getting an extra room inside your home. They are especially good if you need a dining room separate from the kitchen or even get an extended kitchen. You’ve probably already thought of some things you might want to do with the conservatory. We are here to tell you what the best options for you there are. You don’t always want to go in blind when buying a conservatory and you may think that all conservatories are the same but some can be very different from each other.

The main differences with these conservatories are the roofs, Polycarbonate, Tiled and Flat roof conservatories. The insulation is really the big feature that separates these roofs from each other. A polycarbonate roof has very little insulation and can struggle to keep the temperatures at a comfortable level throughout the year. A tiled conservatory and flat roof conservatories are very well insulated and can regulate the temperature inside all year round.  Although a tiled roof blocks the natural light from entering the conservatory.

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