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Rear Extension Ideas to Enhance Your Living Area


Are you on the hunt to expand the rear of your home or struggling for rear extension ideas? However, do you want to avoid dealing with a traditional extension’s complexity, stress, and cost? At Trade Price, we have the solution for you with our DIY extension kits. These kits are designed to save you money and time while painting of exceptional quality. In this article, we will explore our many rear extension ideas. We offer them at a trade price. We will also explain the benefits of having one by us. Lastly, we will go over the frequently asked questions we receive.


rear extension ideas


Rear Extension Ideas: 5 Benefits of Rear Extensions


Maximise Comfort and Utility with Thoughtfully Designed Rear Extensions


1. Modernised Home Aesthetics

Rear extensions offer a chance to modernise your home’s design. They add modern architectural elements that improve its look. This rejuvenation makes your home more appealing and aligns it with current design trends.


2. Increased Energy Efficiency

Incorporating a rear extension can improve your home’s energy efficiency. Modern materials and tech, like better insulation and efficient windows, can greatly cut energy costs.


3. Customised Entertainment Areas

A rear extension can be a dedicated entertainment space. It could be a home theatre or a large family-gathering dining area. This specialised space can become the heart of the home, providing a focal point for social activities.


4. Enhanced Privacy

Adding a rear extension can strategically increase your home’s privacy. You can position windows to face away from neighbours or create secluded areas on your property. These designs can provide a sense of peace.


5. Adaptability to Changing Needs

Rear extensions can be designed with adaptability, allowing them to be repurposed as your needs change over time. Playrooms can become study areas as children grow, and flexible spaces can become elder-friendly. The possibilities are versatile and practical.


5 Rear Extension Ideas


Tailor Your Space to Your Needs with Our Versatile Extension Kits


Trade Price Conservatories offers a range of DIY home extension kits. Each is suited to different styles and homeowner needs. Here’s a detailed look at each option. It’s enhanced with insights from recent UK architectural trends and sustainable building practices.


DIY Lean-To Kit

The DIY Lean-To kit is ideal for homeowners looking for a simple yet elegant extension. It’s often used for sunrooms or garden rooms. Its roof slopes in one direction. It can attach to any existing wall, offering versatility in many architectural contexts. Designers must incorporate glass and maximise natural light to transform these spaces. Sources like Homebuilding & Renovating and Homes & Gardens​ suggest this.


DIY Lean-To Side Hipped Kit

This variant introduces a side-hipped roof to the lean-to. It enhances looks and fits with existing structures. This design change is great at managing water runoff. It fits well with traditional homes. It echoes the UK trend for respectful additions that fit the existing structures. This is supported by an article by Homes and Gardens.


DIY Edwardian Kit

It has a rectangular shape and a pitched roof. The Edwardian kit maximises interior space. It is suitable for larger family rooms, kitchens, or dining areas. Its design aligns with the UK preference for add-ons that improve function and property beauty. They blend seamlessly with modern and old homes.


DIY Edwardian Double Hipped Kit

This kit adapts to the classic Edwardian style. It adds a double-hipped roof. This reduces the height and helps with planning permission. It keeps the rectangular shape. But it has a more subtle look. This look is perfect for places where harmony in design is crucial.


DIY Gable-End Kit

With a vertical gable end and a pitched roof, this kit adds character. It optimises vertical space inside, which can be used for additional storage or to create an airy, open atmosphere. It’s great for adding visual appeal to a home. This fits the trend for creating striking, light-filled spaces in many modern UK home extensions. Architecture Today has a creative post about home renovation, which can help you with your design options.


DIY Flat Roof Kit

The Flat Roof kit offers a modern look with clean lines. It’s suitable for urban homes or areas with height restrictions due to building codes. This design supports sustainable practices, including green roofs and roof terraces. It aligns with the rising demand for eco-friendly building solutions in the UK.


Each kit is designed for self-assembly. It is for homeowners who want to do home projects and do not have much construction experience. The focus is on sustainability. It reflects current UK housing trends and stresses blending with existing architectural styles. It ensures that each extension is practical and aligned with modern design principles.


Frequently Asked Questions About Rear Extension Ideas


Explore Smart Solutions for Expanding Your Home with Our Unique DIY Kits


1. What makes Trade Price DIY extension kits better than traditional construction methods?

Our DIY kits are designed for simplicity and cost-effectiveness. They provide all you need for a home extension. It's without the high costs and long timelines of traditional construction. This allows you to enhance your living space more efficiently and economically.

2. How do Trade Price extensions adapt to different architectural styles?

Our kits are versatile and aesthetic. Your home may be modern or traditional. Our designs range from Lean-To to Edwardian. They will match your home well and add space and curb appeal.

3. Can I customise my Trade Price extension kit?

Customisation is our speciality. You can choose from many finishes, materials, and design tweaks. They will ensure your new space meets your needs and tastes. This flexibility allows you to create a truly personalised extension.

4. What is the typical timeframe for assembling a DIY extension from Trade Price?

Rapid assembly is a hallmark of our kits. Most of our DIY extensions can be finished in a few weeks. They are faster than conventional extensions due to their smaller size. So you can enjoy your new space soon.

5. How do Trade Price Conservatories ensure the quality and durability of their extension kits?

Quality and durability are at the core of our products. Our kits use high-grade materials and adhere to stringent UK building standards. Each kit undergoes rigorous quality checks to meet our high durability and safety standards.

rear extension ideas


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