Rear Extensions On Your House

Extending your home from the back is the most common way to add more room to your house in the modern-day and with this comes a lot of choices based on the types of bricks used (most commonly the same as the existing house) the type of roof and many more. With our extensions, you can have a few different types of roofs, but we recommend the tiled or flat roofs as these provide you with better insulation which will benefit you in the long run by saving you money on your energy bills compared to a glass or polycarbonate roof. As well with the tiled or flat roofs, you can get skylights and lanterns. This will bring in natural light so your extension will be light on the inside and you won’t need the lights on during the day time.

If you don’t think an extension is what you want on your home then we have a big range of conservatories that you can have on the back of your home, this will allow you to have the extra room you needed and still have a tiled roof on it if that is what you want.

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