Replacing Your Conservatory Roof For A Tiled One

If you already have a conservatory with a glass or polycarbonate roof we can come and take that off for you and put on a tiled roof. This is cheaper than getting a whole new conservatory and is worth the benefits of getting one. You might be suffering from a very cold conservatory during winter and a very hot one during the summer. You also might be annoyed by the echo glass produces with these conservatories, well those annoying features vanish once a tiled roof is installed and will make your life inside your conservatory a lot easier.

The replacement can be done by our builders that know exactly how to do it. It will be quicker for them to do it as well. The conservatory will be useable for the whole year. After the install and you will get a 10-year guarantee on the roof.

Tiled roofs are much more energy efficient than a polycarbonate one. They also are much stronger and require less maintenance.

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