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Tiled Roof Conservatory Kits

With Trade Price Warmer Living’s DIY kits, you can build the conservatory of your dreams at a fraction of the cost – no architect or contractor needed!

Our tiled roof conservatory kits save you thousands on labour fees, give you total control over your new conservatory and living space’s design, and let you enjoy the satisfaction of improving your home with your hands. Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or tackling your first home improvement project, our kits have everything you need to add valuable living area to your home.

Ready to take your home to the next level? Get a free quote online, call 01371 820580, or visit our showroom. Let’s bring your dream conservatory to life together!

Make the Most Out of Your Home With Our Tiled Roof Conservatory Kits

Our self-build conservatory kits bring the perfect blend of style, customisation, and energy efficiency to your home. Find out why below!

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12 Models to Choose From

Whether your home is modern or traditional, we have the perfect conservatory to suit it. Choose from five different models, each available with full-height glass or dwarf walls: Lean-to (flat or side hipped), Edwardian, Victorian, and Gable-end. Every model is fully customisable, so no matter your home’s current style, you can be sure it’ll match it perfectly.

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Fully Customisable Design

Make your conservatory uniquely yours! From choosing the tile colour to adding skylights, our wide range of options allows you to design a conservatory that reflects your personal style while complementing your home decor.

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Market-Leading Roof Insulation

All of our kits come with Warmer Roof, the most thermally insulated, energy-efficient roof on the market. With 125 mm multi-foil honeycomb insulation and an additional 53 mm insulated plasterboard, it achieves a U-value as low as 0.12 Wm²k – all while stopping condensation in its tracks! Your conservatory stays warmer in winter and cooler in summer, lowering your energy bills and letting you enjoy your conservatory all year round.

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Sustainably Sourced Timber

We make sustainability a priority. All of our timber is sourced from companies involved in replenishable forest programmes, with three new trees planted for every tree used. We also use recycled materials during production to minimise landfill waste.

Skip the Hassle of Building Your Tiled Roof Conservatory With Trade Price Warmer Living

Our kits aren’t just high-quality in their construction; they’re also designed to be as easy and simple to install as possible, all while providing you with peace of mind through a full guarantee.

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Everything You Need in One Kit

Forget the hassle and expense of dealing with material suppliers, architects, and labourers. Our kits include everything you need to build your conservatory in one convenient package, including the roof, foundation, and frame. They also come with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, making construction a breeze no matter your skill level.

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Independently Certified Quality

Our Warmer Roofs have gone through third-party testing and are certified by a nationally accredited building control approvals agency. The Approved Building Inspector has assessed every detail, including independent structural calculations and thermal performance and condensation risk analysis. Our system has received full approval as a result, saving you time during the Building Control approvals process.

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Generous Warranty

Our kits come with a 10-year manufacturing warranty and a 40-year tile manufacturer warranty. You can have peace of mind knowing that you’re fully covered in the unlikely event of any faults or issues.

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Made in the UK

Our tiled roof kits are made right here in Britain, at our factory in Frome, Somerset. Our conservatories meet all and exceed many of the latest British manufacturing standards. This also reduces our processing time, so we can deliver them to you as quickly as possible.

Visit Our Showroom in Somerset

Want to see our tiled roof conservatories up close? Visit to our 6,000 square foot showroom in Somerset! We have all our models available for you to browse, along with examples of all the optional extras you can choose. Our team will be there to help you find the perfect conservatory for your home, answer any questions you have, and offer recommendations if needed. We can’t wait to meet you!

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Get a Quote on Our Tiled Roof Conservatory Kits

We’re proud of the quality results and service we provide, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Read through our 5-star Google reviews and see for yourself!

To view our designs in person, book an appointment to visit our showroom. We’ll be happy to guide you through the options to determine what works best for your home. You can get a quote for our conservatory kits online or call 01202 399999 with any questions. We look forward to helping make your vision a reality!

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Bespoke DIY conservatories

Tailor-make your own conservatory, call us for more details on this service.
Lean To DIY Tiled Roof Conservatories

This would be the most economical conservatory to add on to an existing structure. The lean to DIY tiled roof conservatories use one existing wall of that structure or even a property garden wall. It can also enhance the beauty of the structure or be used to upgrade the existing patio or deck area. This not only gives more outdoor and indoor options but it allows entertaining guest for outdoor functions to have an indoor option with inclement weather.

Lean To Side Hipped DIY Tiled Roof Conservatory

The lean to side hipped DIY tiled roof conservatories is an eye catching style with a three sided roof that gives a pleasing dimension to the design. The modest sized design has a 600mm Dwarf Wall feature. The fanlights and the doors can be positioned on the front, right and left views. This type of conservatory works well with the durabase bases made of steel and with toughened safety glass made of double glazed units.

Edwardian DIY Tiled Roof Conservatory

The Edwardian DIY tiled roof conservatories look elegant and strong with distinct lines, giving the largest space for sitting, living and enjoying the ambience of natural light and a view of the world. The style adapts perfectly to all types of homes or bungalows, even if there are certain height restrictions in the neighbourhood.

Victorian 3 Facet DIY Tiled Roof Conservatory

One of the most beautiful and classical English designs is the Victorian 3 Facet DIY tiled roof conservatory. It has a look of antiquity and style that gives that much desired window to the world. This particular style will fit appropriately to any house or bungalow, adding value and practicality with a polycarbonate roofing system.

Gable End DIY Tiled Roof Conservatory

The famous house of the Seven Gables comes to mind with the DIY tiled roof conservatory with a Gable End. This type of face give the most added living space as it raises the top area with flat faces extending up to an apex from the front to the roof line. It fits very well for bungalows and all styles of houses.

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