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Side House Extension


A side house extension can be used for little a utility room with your washing machine and tumble dryer in, or it can be used as an extra toilet space if you feel like you need it. A side house extension can’t be more than 4 meters in height and can’t be any more than half of the width of the original house.

Side extensions are normally built when you just need a little more space inside your home and when you feel like you don’t need a full extension on the back of the house.

We also do other extensions which you can see on our extensions page. If you need something bigger than a side house extension then we highly advise you go and look at our single storey extension. This will mean you will be able to pick how big you want the extension.

If you are interested In our extensions please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

01202 39 99 99 info@tradepricediy.com