Single storey extensions are a great way to create more living space inside your home. It is also a great opportunity to have more natural light into the house with the addition of skylights. It can be a great alternative to moving house as well if you need the extra room you will save loads of money by just getting an extension as fees for moving house can be very expensive.

You can use an extension for many different things but a popular one is so you can have more room for a kitchen and dining area put into one. If it is big enough you can have a big open kitchen with stalls so you can have your dinner at a raised table or just have it on the kitchen worktop and still have room for a Tv on the wall with a sofa in front of it. But that is just an idea of ours your idea might be a lot better and might suit you more.

If a single-storey extension is what you want then get in contact with us.