Tiled Conservatories Cornwall

Our tiled conservatoires are brilliant and will have you satisfied with your decision to get one of ours. It comes to many benefits compared to the other roof types you can get on your conservatories. Our tiled roof will improve your thermal efficiency and will save you money in the process. You will also find with the roof that you will be able to have a bit of noise inside the conservatory and there won’t be as much echo if not any compared to all the other roofs. You will also find with these roofs is that they make the conservatory look a lot smarter. Have a look at all of our conservatories here!

We also have extensions that are brilliant as you can get a flat roof on top of it this adds a very modern look to the extension which will also give your whole home a modern look and a lot more space inside than what a regular conservatory would give you. These extensions also are available with a tiled roof so you can have your extension with a tiled roof if that is what you like. Have a look at our extensions here!

Tiled Conservatories Cornwall

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