Tiled Conservatories & Extensions Devon

At Trade Price we have a big range of conservatoires you can purchase from us. These can give you the extra room you need and are available in Devon and the whole of the UK. We also have extensions if you need something bigger than a conservatory or you want the added structure to look more permanent. With our conservatories, we have lots of different types of them, for example, we have lean-to, Edwardian, Victorian, Gable End, P-shaped and more! Not only can these conservatories come with a tiled roof they can also have glass and polycarbonate if you would prefer that type of roof. Our tiled roofs are great, they allow you to use the conservatory all year round. This is mainly because of the insulation in the roof. When you have the heating on during the winter the conservatory will be able to hold more of that warm air in the conservatory for longer than other roofs which will not only make it a cosy place to relax but will also save you some money on your energy bill as once it is at your desired temperature you can turn the heating off. The insulation will also help during the summer months to reflect a lot of the heat away from the conservatory and the roof tiles will also help to block the direct sunlight from going into the conservatory and overheating it. The roof will also make the soundings inside the conservatory softer and quieter.

Our extensions have a lot of the same benefits as the conservatories only extensions look more of a permanent structure and a lot of people prefer this, with our extensions you can also get a flat roof that looks modern and will make the extension look very nice. Also with the tiled roof and the flat roof you can install sky lanterns and skylights to bring in natural light that will normally be blocked out by these roofs.

Tiled Conservatories & Extensions Devon

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