Tiled Conservatories & Extensions Gloucestershire

If you want to purchase a conservatory from us you will be able to choose a lot of the features that will go onto the conservatory. We have a big range of conservatories you can choose from when you purchase with us! We have conservatories that come in all different shapes, these include Lean-to conservatories, Edwardian, Victorian, P-shaped and More! Even though we recommend a tiled roof on your conservatory we also have glass and polycarbonate roofs we can put onto the conservatory. Our conservatories also have a range of sizes they come in so you will be able to pick one that is a perfect size for your home. If you are getting a dwarf wall on your conservatory or a tiled roof you will be able to pick the colour of the tiles and the brick that will be used on the conservatory giving you that personal feel when the conservatory is built. A lot of people like to match the tiles and brick to their existing home so they follow the same style and fit in with your home. The benefits of a tiled roof are great and will help you be able to use the conservatory all year round. This is mainly because of the insulation inside the roof will help trap the warm air inside the conservatory so that it can’t get out and more importantly won’t let any cold air inside the conservatory. With these roofs, you will also be able to install skylights into the roof to bring in some natural light that the tiles will be blocking out.

Our extensions also have all of the same benefits that our conservatories give you, but they can be bigger if you want them to be and look more like a permanent structure. Our extensions also have flat roofs available to put on them and these roofs will still have similar thermal benefits to the tiled roof.

Tiled Conservatories & Extensions Gloucestershire

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