Tiled Conservatories & Extensions Wiltshire

Conservatories and Extensions are used to bring you more room inside your home, We have a great range of both conservatories and extensions. We have lean-to’s, Edwardians, Victorians, P-shaped and More! When you purchase a conservatory with us you get to choose a lot of what goes onto the conservatory. For example, if you get a dwarf wall with your conservatory you will be able to choose the brick that is used on the dwarf wall, with our tiled roofs as well you can choose the colour of the tiles as well. Most people like to match the brick and tile colour with their existing home as it makes it look like it’s all part of one and not separate. The tiled roof has some great benefits that you can make the most of. The first benefit is that the insulation in the roof will keep the conservatory warm during the winter as it makes it harder for the warm air to escape the conservatory, it also helps with keeping the conservatory cool during the summer as well, this is because the insulation will reflect the heat coming in from the outside and it will also block out a lot of the direct sunlight.  The acoustics inside the conservatory will be much better than some of the other types of roofs you can get, this is because the sounds won’t be bouncing off a hard surface and the insulation will cushion the sounds. So when it rains it won’t be as loud with a tiled roof than it would be with a glass roof. 

Our extensions are very similar to our conservatories only with our extensions you can have them as big as you want them to be. The extensions look more of a permanent structure on your home, we also offer a flat roof with our extensions as well as our tiled roofs, with these you can get skylights and sky lanterns installed into the roof to bring in more natural light that would normally be blocked out.

Tiled Conservatories & Extensions Wiltshire

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