Tiled Conservatory

When you get a conservatory from us a tiled version is always the better option to polycarbonate or Glass as it provides more benefits than disadvantages. The first thing you should know about the tiled roof is that it blocks the sunlight from coming into the conservatory but with a lantern or skylights you can still bring in a lot of sunlight to keep that traditional feel about the conservatory.

The tiled roof will make your home a lot more energy-efficient compared to the two other types this is because the tiled version of the roof has insulation which keeps a lot of the heat inside the conservatory in the winter so you don’t have to spend so much on the heating and save the environment at the same time.

Another benefit you get from the tiled roof over the others is that the echo and loud sounds in the conservatory won’t be a thing as the insulation plays as a cushion for the sound to not bounce off the roof and all around the room. The insulation is also helpful for adding value to your home, in some cases, this may not be true but with the improved usability and aesthetic appeal offered by a tiled roof it can bump up the value of your home and if placed on the market it could even help it sell quicker than if you have a polycarbonate or glass roof.

People do prefer the look of a tiled conservatory to the other glass and polycarbonate conservatories. You can have these conservatories as big as anything as long as you are compliant with regulations. These conservatories are also very easy to build yourself. With our guides, you can build your dream conservatory with no problem. Or if you don’t want to do it yourself we can send over an installer to do it for you.

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